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Revamping Granite Falls Energy’s Website for Accessibility and Fresh Branding

Client Background: Granite Falls Energy is an ethanol production facility located in Granite Falls, Minnesota. They are dedicated to supporting local agriculture and providing renewable fuel solutions. With dozens of investor-owners, communicating updates and providing transparency are top priorities for the website.

Challenge: After years of operation, Granite Falls Energy's brand assets and digital properties were outdated and hindering communication. Their logo was illegible on merchandise, their website was cluttered, and key investor information was difficult to access. They needed a refreshed brand identity and improved digital presence to better serve stakeholders.

Solution: We performed a complete visual rebrand, starting with a modern, legible logo design that worked across mediums. We also executed a new website design focused on simplicity, ease of access to investor resources, and readability across devices. Further, we integrated advanced communication tools like email marketing and an investor portal to improve transparency.

UpFrame_Logo Design_Granite Falls

Brand refresh

  • Created contemporary logo optimized for merchandising
  • Refined visual brand system and guidelines

New Website

  • Implemented simple, uncluttered site architecture
  • Enhanced mobile responsiveness and cross-device usability
  • Streamlined navigation to investor resources

Enhanced Investor Offerings

  • Integrated password-protected investor portal with shareholder information
  • Set up DTN platform for easily accessible and readable bids
  • Launched email marketing for timely investor notifications

Rich media Content

  • Conducted professional photography/video shoot to showcase facility and operations
  • Captured engaging drone footage for website and promotional materials


Modern and professional brand better representing Granite Falls Energy's vision
Increased accessibility to investor resources through user-friendly website
Dramatically improved investor communication through email and investor portal
Positive stakeholder feedback on refreshed brand and enhanced online presence
Granite Falls Newsletter
Granite Falls Logo Portfolio

Conclusion: Collaborating with Granite Falls Energy to elevate their digital presence and branding provided immense value for company stakeholders while preserving their deep farming roots. With an eye to the future and their investors' needs, they now boast an engaging brand and online hub to drive their mission for years to come.

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