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A Brand New Website and Member Accessibility for the South Dakota State Poetry Society

Client Background: The South Dakota State Poetry Society (SDSPS) is a non-profit seeking to promote poetic arts across the state. With creative members and several published poetry collections, they host events, workshops, and programs to inspire artistic expression and engage with poets, both members and non-members, across South Dakota.

Challenge: With no website in place, SDSPS struggled to engage members and poets statewide. Key offerings like book sales, membership registration, and poem submissions were only possible by mail or email. They needed an intuitive digital space to showcase South Dakotan poetry and streamline access to their resources, contests, products, etc.

Solution: We provided SDSPS with a custom WordPress website offering e-commerce capabilities, seamless membership registration, easy event registration, and the ability to submit poems online. The new site celebrates local poets and makes it simple for visitors across South Dakota to engage.

Pasque Spring 2023

Intuitive Website Platform:

  • Implemented WordPress for easy content updating
  • Developed custom functionality for poems, shopping cart, etc.
  • Ensured mobile responsiveness and ADA compliance

E-Commerce Capabilities:

  • Integrated WooCommerce shopping cart
  • Listed published poetry collections available for purchase
  • Enabled secure online checkout

Streamlined Member Registration:

  • Created member registration ability online
  • Registered members and non-members can submit poems with ease
  • Provide exclusive member content access

Celebrating SD Poets:

  • Spotlighted local poets and poetry events
  • Shared publication opportunities for writers
  • Postcased winning poems from state contests


Expanded Reach & Exposure for South Dakotan Poetry
Provided Digital Access to Purchase Books & Register
More Convenient Experience Attracting New Members and Non-members
Positive Feedback on Capability to Submit/Share Poems
Cover designs SDSPS

Conclusion: Conclusion: By creating an entirely new website, SDSPS can now share poetry digitally, driving engagement across South Dakota. The user-friendly website empowers visitors to explore and contribute, advancing their mission to unite poets and poetry enthusiasts statewide.

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