Crafting Your Brand: The Influence of Brand Voice and Content Writing

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From catchy Super Bowl ads to strategically crafted copy in magazines, brands can resonate with you, preoccupy your mind, and even tug at your heartstrings. This unique power is thanks to two well-defined brand elements – brand voice and content writing – both of which are essential in propelling your business to the eyes and minds of customers.

Brand Voice

If you’ve ever caught yourself crying to a commercial or reading an ad that inspired you, you’ve personally resonated with a brand. A good brand voice:

  • Stands Out – A unique brand voice grabs attention, captivates an audience, makes you memorable, and helps you stand out over the competition.
  • Attracts Targeted Audiences – If your target audience is passionate about mountain bikes, but your brand voice focuses on Mopeds, chances are your sales are slim, and your audience is confused. Shaping your brand voice to the correct needs and interests can attract and retain the right audience.
  • Retains Brand Perception – Most companies have a vision, mission, and list of values they live by. Designing your brand voice to reflect these three elements tells your audience everything they need to know about the heart of your company and how it can align with their own values.
  • Increases Customer Relationships – A strong voice can influence a customer’s thoughts and feelings, which builds brand loyalty and advocacy.
  • Stays Consistent - If your brand voice is all over the place and bounces around from one platform to the next, customers won’t know what to believe or may even tune you out. Having one clear, distinct voice can streamline communication on all platforms.


Content Writing

Content writing covers an array of mediums, from blogs to ads or social to web copy. Regardless, content writing is crucial in uniting brands and consumers. Good content writing is:

  • Clear and Concise – Writing for your brand should be clear and concise, with a strong sense of knowing who your brand is and what your brand lives for. Clear and concise copy ensures straightforward messages, reads well, and alleviates confusion. 
  • Full of Engagement – Promoting content on social media, writing staff or company stories, and even scripting videos all involve some form of content writing. Expert writing can capture, inform, and entertain customers, or even make them crave more content.
  • Different and Versatile – Have writing regiments reserved for ads? Repurpose it for a blog topic. Are you tired of doing the same yearly stories? You can write an article on your customers and how much they mean to your brand. Be the inspiration you need and stand out from competitors with well-written content. Showcase your brand’s values and initiatives while adapting to different formats and platforms.
  • SEO – We all know SEO is the way to go. Without it, your brand may be falling behind in the world of Google. SEO integrates keywords into search engines so you can improve your rank and organic reach, ultimately helping potential customers find you.
  • Professional – Customers look for brands they can feel a personal connection to. Writing with a professional persona is a surefire way to build trust and credibility.



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