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Crafting Your Brand: The Influence of Brand Voice and Content Writing

From catchy Super Bowl ads to strategically crafted copy in magazines, brands can resonate with you, preoccupy your mind, and even tug at your heartstrings. This unique power is thanks to two well-defined brand elements – brand voice and content writing – both of which are essential in propelling your business to the eyes and […]

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Jenna Welbig

Armed with a lifetime love of words and a passion for storytelling, Jenna brings her creative spirit, dry humor, and writing talent to UpFrame Creative as our Marketing Coordinator. She freelanced with the “UpFramers” for several months, showing off her versatility and knack for weaving words across projects and platforms, before joining the crew full […]

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Alex Okerman

Alex’s creative spark was lit in high school when he discovered Photoshop and realized he could translate his artistic talents into the digital world. He carved out an independent study to learn graphic design on the only computer available with Adobe products. (Talk about paving a way!) Alex then honed his skills at South Dakota […]

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Taylor Livingston

Creative Fulfillment Director Taylor Livingston brings boundless creativity and passion to her work at UpFrame. After graduating with dual degrees in graphic design and advertising from South Dakota State University-where she took classes from UpFrame’s very own Carrie herself!-Taylor honed her skills at the Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce. She then brought her talents to […]

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Hannah Merritt

Hannah is our resident project mastermind and chief of crossing t’s and dotting i’s. With a business management and marketing degree under her belt, Hannah channels her inner creative spirit to spearhead memorable campaigns and partnerships. When she’s not organizing timelines and keeping UpFrame in check, you can find Hannah playing volleyball, exploring the great […]

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Shay Vandendriessche

With more ideas and hustle than hours in the day, Shay brings a passion for people that helps her to drive sales and projects for UpFrame Creative. Fueled by coffee, donuts, and her competitive spirit, this proud Jackrabbit alum connects with clients in genuine ways-learning their stories, uncovering growth opportunities, and becoming their personal cheerleader […]

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Carrie Kuhl

Meet Carrie, UpFrame’s Jane-of-all-trades who effortlessly juggles websites, graphics, photography, and nurturing small business dreams into realities. Her superpower is using her creative skills to help entrepreneurs transform their visions into thriving businesses. But Carrie is more than just a talented artist. She’s a passionate champion for bringing entrepreneurs’ dreams to life through thoughtful strategy […]

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A NEW WEBSITE IS ONLY THE FIRST STEP! Launching a website lays the groundwork for your business’s online journey. Its where curious minds discover what you stand for, the unique solutions you offer, and how they can connect with you. But remember, while establishing a website is an exciting beginning, the journey in the vast […]

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10 Things I Learned in 10 Years

Thinking back over this journey, it truly makes me smile ear to ear. I can hardly believe it has been 10 years since I started my entrepreneurial journey. The need to celebrate this milestone does not escape me, as I am painfully aware that not all businesses make it this far. The path I’ve taken […]

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A-Z Guide: Website Slang

Website Terminology 101 Starting in 2024, all our websites will be required to be enrolled in a Website Hosting, Security, and Care Plan. To help navigate our partnership and your website, we have compiled a term guide specific to our care plans: Domain Management: One complimentary domain purchase. We manage the renewals for you, but […]

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