Alex Okerman

Alex Headshot

Alex's creative spark was lit in high school when he discovered Photoshop and realized he could translate his artistic talents into the digital world. He carved out an independent study to learn graphic design on the only computer available with Adobe products. (Talk about paving a way!) Alex then honed his skills at South Dakota State University's graphic design program. During an internship with UpFrame, Alex impressed the team so much they brought him on full-time after graduation.

With an adaptable spirit and playful wit, Alex now applies his design expertise to UpFrame's client projects. Alex also expanded his skills into web design, conquering WordPress while gaining confidence to handle client communications.

When Alex isn't designing, you can find him bonding with friends at movie premieres or cruising around town on his longboard. He dreams of one day mastering skateboarding without eating pavement. But above all, Alex aspires to create innovative designs that make a memorable impact.

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