Jenna Welbig


Armed with a lifetime love of words and a passion for storytelling, Jenna brings her creative spirit, dry humor, and writing talent to UpFrame Creative as our Marketing Coordinator.

She freelanced with the "UpFramers" for several months, showing off her versatility and knack for weaving words across projects and platforms, before joining the crew full time in January 2024.

Jenna handles the agency clients’ blogs, emails, newsletters, social posts, website content, and more with an upbeat, out-of-the-box approach. For her, boredom doesn't exist.

This word nerd traces her writing obsession back to childhood, when she snagged 13 elementary school spelling bee trophies. (Legend has it that they’re still in her dresser drawer at her parents’ house.) She went on to write poetry and even served as Editor-in-Chief for her college newspaper. After teaching elementary for 3 years, followed by a stint as a data specialist, Jenna embraced her writer within as a freelancer and stay-at-home mom.

When she manages to close her laptop, you can find Jenna out in nature kayaking, collecting rocks, taking pictures, reading, or chasing her 2-year-old daughter Anna with her husband Brian. 

Jenna brings her sarcastic humor and quirky spirit to UpFrame, ready to tell compelling stories through content while having a dang good time doing it. She feels honored to collaborate with the agency’s great people and promises to keep things fresh with her creative drive. 

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