Carrie Kuhl


Meet Carrie, UpFrame’s Jane-of-all-trades who effortlessly juggles websites, graphics, photography, and nurturing small business dreams into realities. Her superpower is using her creative skills to help entrepreneurs transform their visions into thriving businesses.

But Carrie is more than just a talented artist. She's a passionate champion for bringing entrepreneurs’ dreams to life through thoughtful strategy and eye-catching sites. Her enthusiasm spills beyond the office walls - she serves on boards, leads workshops like Co.Starters, and has taught design at SDSU, passing on her expertise. Let’s just say if Brookings had a list of the most impactful people in town, she’d definitely be in the top 5.

A lifelong learner and a fan of staying curious, Carrie eagerly adds new skills to her creative toolkit, whether it’s picking up photography or learning animation and WordPress. If there’s something she doesn’t know in the world of marketing, you best bet Carrie is going to learn it and master it. 

While Carrie dives headfirst into her craft and community with infectious energy, she’s still an ambivert at heart. She can happily meet up with friends one day only to curl up at home with husband Jason, their two kids, and dog, Pepper the next. And she's always ready to lend a listening ear or helping hand when friends need support.

It’s this dedication, not just to creating beautiful websites but to elevating businesses, mentoring entrepreneurs, reviving downtown, and supporting friends and family alike, that makes Carrie such a beloved force of nature around here!

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