Shay Vandendriessche


With more ideas and hustle than hours in the day, Shay brings a passion for people that helps her to drive sales and projects for UpFrame Creative. Fueled by coffee, donuts, and her competitive spirit, this proud Jackrabbit alum connects with clients in genuine ways—learning their stories, uncovering growth opportunities, and becoming their personal cheerleader for success.

When not crushing sales goals and forging partnerships, you can find Shay soaking up life as a wife to Jeff and mom to 3 on their family farm. She loves spending time with her kids, taking a relaxing solo sunset walk through their pasture or re-living the glory days by playing city league volleyball. Shay also makes time for hobbies like devouring true crime podcasts, photography, and cooking up new recipes in the kitchen (but of course, loves it when Chipotle cooks for her). 

Full of a love for creativity and entrepreneurship, Shay continues to harness her talents to create meaningful change for UpFrame's clients. Her passion for people, eye for aesthetics, and drive to make things happen allow her to thrive both personally and professionally—achieving her dreams while helping clients achieve theirs.

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