Hannah Merritt


Hannah is our resident project mastermind and chief of crossing t’s and dotting i’s. With a business management and marketing degree under her belt, Hannah channels her inner creative spirit to spearhead memorable campaigns and partnerships.

When she’s not organizing timelines and keeping UpFrame in check, you can find Hannah playing volleyball, exploring the great outdoors with her family, or managing the controlled chaos of being a loving mom of four.

Hannah is no stranger to taking risks or thinking outside the box. She stretched herself to build a thriving freelance consulting business from the ground up. Hannah embraced the growing pains, challenges, and uncertainty that came with entrepreneurship.

Now, she brings that scrappy attitude and willingness to color outside the lines to every project at our agency. When a roadblock pops up, Hannah barrels through with “can do” solutions and out-of-the-box ideas. She constantly challenges herself to bring fresh perspectives and her A-game to every client campaign. 

Bottom line? Hannah gets stuff done. Her exceptional communication skills, keen project management talents, and infectious positive attitude are exactly what we need to drive results for our clients here at UpFrame. 

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