5 Reasons Why Ongoing Website Maintenance is Important

In today’s increasingly cyber-society, simply having a website is not enough. Whether you have an existing site or you are about to launch a new one, having a post-launch, routine security plan in place is crucial to protecting your business as well as your customers and their information. Here’s why:

1. Security, Security, Security!

Website security refers to safeguarding your site from vulnerabilities and exploitation from scammers, hackers and cyber attacks. Under a website maintenance plan, your site is routinely monitored under the watchful eye of a security team. This allows potential threats and weaknesses to be identified before they become a problem. When a potential threat is identified, fixes and security patches are implemented to mitigate the threat. 

Keeping your website secure also keeps your business in good standing with Google and prevents malware flags (trust us you don’t want to be on bad terms with Google!). Not only is this beneficial for your business, your credibility and your brand, it is also necessary to protect your customers, their information and those who interact with your site. 

2. Avoid Errors, Outdated Information & Broken Links

Your website is often your business’ first impression with potential customers. What kind of impression would you be giving if your site displayed broken images, functionality errors or obsolete information?  Chances are your customers will bounce off your site and land in the open arms of a competitor (who has a proper website security plan in place).  Websites are like cars; over time things can break, requiring maintenance and work to get it back up and running. Routine maintenance and audits of your website can help avoid these errors and ensure your customers have a positive experience.

3. SEO 

SEO is the foundation of a high performing website. Google and other search engines favor websites that are running up to date security, publish fresh and relevant content and offer a seamless user experience. 

Adding new blog posts, updating product information and ensuring links are not outdated will boost your SEO rankings, making it easier for new customers to find your website. 

4. Optimize Accessibility & Load Time

It’s no surprise that accessibility and functionality across screens is important for your website. In a constantly changing digital world, it’s imperative that your website is functioning properly on every device. Leaving customers unsure of how to navigate your site or making them wait for a page to load can result in devastating consequences. Both run the risk of you losing a potential customer AND negatively impacting your SEO and good standing with Google. According to Dainial An of Google, a 2-second delay in load time can result in abandonment rates of up to 87%. A routine website maintenance plan can help prevent this from happening!

5. Peace of Mind

As a business owner, you have many responsibilities on your plate. One of them should NOT be maintaining and monitoring your website! You wouldn’t bring your taxes to your mechanic, would you? Website maintenance is no different. Unless you have a strong background in web development and security, your website's maintenance should be left in the hands of an experienced professional. Trusting your site with a professional will give you peace of mind knowing it is safe, secure and giving your visitors a positive experience!

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