Transportation Website Design Project


Brookings Area Transit Authority (BATA) is a non-profit transportation service. It is available to anyone within the greater Brookings County Area. Youth, the general public, elderly and disabled passengers request this service through the website for a variety of transportation needs on a daily basis.


BATA came to us looking for a new transportation website design with some unique functionality. A custom form solution that would keep track of release forms riders (and parents) need to fill out on the website before they can utilize BATA services. They were looking for an easy way for riders to update their transportation forms and to reduce the amount of times they needed go to the website to fill them out. An easy solution that allowed them to make website updates like text on their own was a priority.


We were able to create a very user friendly website solution for them, utilizing a professionally created form tool.

  • We created more functionality for them to track custom forms.
  • Allowed users to login and edit current forms.
  • Allowed users to reuse forms that were already filled out.
  • Redesigned the whole website with a better look.
  • Created a better user experience through easy navigation.

We gave BATA a new transportation website design that is a user-friendly website both on the front-end and the back-end. We used professional tools like Formidable Forms, Beaver Builder, It was a pleasure working with this team!

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