Brookings County Youth Mentoring – BCYMP – Branding and Website Design

We had the great honor of designing new branding and a new website for an amazing organization in Brookings, SD. Brookings County Youth Mentoring is dedicated to building, supporting, and mentoring relationships that challenge the growth and expand the possibilities for Brookings County youth.

An organization whose motto is, "To the world, you may just be one person, but to the one person, you may be the world" is definitely one that we want to see have great success!

First up, the branding:

The new logo design for BCYMP is one that is approachable, colorful, and playful. We wanted the colors to feel like they belonged together, they are soft and comfortable while each being its own individual hue. Much like the mentors and mentees involved with BCYMP.

The letters are overlapping and interacting with each other. They are creating a connection with each other. The lowercase letters make them feel youthful and approachable, but the structure of the typeface is one that is visually strong and thick, built from clean shapes and lines.

bcymp final-01

Next up, the website!

Obviously we wanted the playfulness of the brand to spill over into the website as well. You will see use of each color, and fun icons to make the site more interesting. The navigation is simplified and easy to understand. There are areas of slight animation to draw the eye and big bold headlines to help draw you through the pages. Our goal was to make it easy for people to become a mentor and find one.

Thank you BCYMP for being an amazing partner and client of UpFrame Creative. We LOVED working with you through this process and we are so thankful you chose us!

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